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Corvara in Badia - ski resort in Italy

Corvara in Badia is a modest ski resort located in the Trentino-Alto Adige region in northwestern Italy. It lurks among the Dolomites and is connected to five neighboring villages by a single system of cableways: La Villa, San Cassiano, Pedraces and La Val. Together they make up the resort of Alta Badia - part of the global, largest in Italy and the whole world ski region Dolomiti Superski.

Resort Features

Corvara is a place for lovers of a kind of "beach skiing" - comfortable skiing on quiet slopes. Almost unrealistic pleasure from descending the slopes of charming beauty is given to everyone who was lucky enough to be here. Complex areas that suddenly appear on the slopes will pleasantly tickle the nerves of mid-level skiers.

Sophisticated pros and experienced amateurs will find in Alta Badia a couple of worthy tracks, having noted on them, they can improve their skills in any of the 12 Dolomiti Superski resorts. Corvara, as part of this ski nation, will surely appeal to everyone. The resort allows you to maximize the use of skiing in Italy and at the same time enjoy communication with nature.

The downside of the resort is the increased prices, but all the good is worth the money.

Preseason, Intermediate and High Seasons

Skiing on the slopes of Alta Badia begins in late November and continues until early April. There are two seasons in the Dolomites-Superski zone that determine pricing policy: intermediate (Shoulder Season) and high (High Season). Each of them has its pros and cons.

  1. Preseason: November 26 - December 24. There is almost no real snow at this time, the tracks are processed by snow cannons, the lower sections of the slopes. There are few tourists, the prices for ski passes, housing and food are the lowest, there are no queues anywhere.
  2. High season: December 25 - January 7. In Europe, Christmas, residents of neighboring Austria, the surrounding cities of Italy spend their winter holidays here. Queues are piling up at key lifts. A lot of people in restaurants and hotels. Well, of course, prices should not surprise those who came here for the holidays.
  3. Intermediate season: January 8 - February 4: real snow is everywhere: on the roofs of picturesque Tyrolean houses, on forest slopes, on highways. Winter landscapes prevent cameras from hiding. The slopes are in excellent condition, and there are practically no queues. Comfortable riding, low prices.
  4. High season: February 5 - March 18. The carnival season, excellent skiing, festive bustle, on the slopes, at the ski lifts, in restaurants and on the streets are cheerful people. The sun gives a great tan. Dry snow begins to deteriorate only by mid-March. Prices for all the pleasures are increased.
  5. Low (spring) season: March 19 - April 2. Farewell to the ski season, a lot of people at the weekend. The last weeks of skiing are fraught with risk. When descending at speed, it is easy to get to a place with melted snow and get injured.

In the end: the best time in Corvara is January and early February.

How to get there

Corvara in Badia is located in the province of Bolzano in northern Italy near the Austrian border. The second name of the province is South Tyrol. The closest to get to the resort is from Bolzano (73 km) and Innsbruck (150 km). The Italian cities of Venice (200 km), Verona (250 km), Milan (410 km) are located much further.

To drive on the tracks of the entire Dolomiti Superski zone, you can rent a car at Rental price with insurance from 40 € per day. It should be noted that the weather in Italy is unstable in winter, there are many descents and ascents on the roads, but some companies offer cars with summer tires (at most with snow chains). But to take a car on winter tires is much more reliable. The second circumstance that needs to be taken into account is parking in places of lifts. A stop in the wrong place can cost 50-70 euros.

From Bolzano

If the option of renting a car at the airport upon arrival is inconvenient, there are other ways to the resort from Bolzano. From here, you can get to Corvara in three ways:

By taxi

Travel time by taxi - 1 hour, 10 minutes, cost - about 100 €, we recommend booking a transfer in advance at

By bus

The trip by bus will take more than 3 hours, with three transfers, the total cost is about 50 €: Route: Bolzano → Sëlva, Sëlva → Colfosco, Colfosco → Corvara. Schedules can be found at

By train and bus

Time - about 4 hours, 4 transfers, the total cost is about 12 €. Railway route: Bolzano / Bozen → Ponte Gardena / Waidbruck; Ponte Gardena → Stazione → Selva → Piazza Nives. Schedule at or at Continuing the route by bus: Selva → Piazza Nives → Sëlva; Sëlva → Corvara.

Milan, Verona, Venice. All travel options for the Corvara resort from these cities can be viewed at It also shows the fare and links to the schedule.

From Innsbruck

By car

It is more convenient to get from Austria to Alta Badia than from major Italian cities. You can rent a car at From Innsbruck, crossing the Italian border, you need to go to Bruneck. From this city, the road goes south along the picturesque Val Badia valley, which is part of the Gran Sasso National Park and Monti della Laga (Parco nazionale del Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga).

By train

Once every 2 hours a direct train runs from Innsbruck to Bolzano. The ticket costs 27 euros in the second class and 39 euros in the first, travel time is exactly 2 hours.

You can view the current schedule and buy tickets in advance on the official website of the Austrian railways

Circuit diagram

Of the 1,200 km of pistes in the Dolomites-Superski region, 130 km belong to Alta Badia. In the resort of Corvara (1568 m) 36% of the blue runs are 46% - red, 18% black.

By clicking on the picture, you can download a large diagram of the routes of Corvara in PDF format

To find the tracks in perfect condition, you need to start skiing in the morning early, as soon as the lifts start working. The main influx of the public occurs at noon, when, after rolling, you can enjoy your vacation somewhere on the observation deck, sipping Aperol Spritz and breathing in the mountain air mixed with orange aroma.

Blue tracks

There are two dangers for beginners on the slopes of the resort:

  • On the highway marked as blue, there are places with almost steep sections where people stumble, fall, and accumulate. The track turns into a mess of snow, ice and mogul moguls.
  • In the labyrinth of cable cars and slopes it is easy to get lost and not get on your descent: Priceless skiing time will be lost. Therefore, it makes sense on the first day to ride with an instructor.

Good beginner slopes are available in the areas of:

  • Ulita La Brancia (2044 m);
  • Piz Sorega (2003);
  • Pralongia (2157 m);
  • Cherz (2088 m).

In order not to stray through the maze of the ski areas of Corvara, you can take a bus or car to Colfssco (Colfssco, 1645 m), where the places for beginners are ideal.

Red tracks

Mid-level skiers on the slopes in Alta Badia are most comfortable, you can make new routes in the region every day.

  • You can start skiing, for example, at Piz la Ila. This is one of the main skiing centers in Alta Badia. This route goes from here: Piz la Ila (2077) - Bamby (1830) - Sorega (2033) - Ciampаi (1898) - Biok (2078) - Pralongia (2140) - Cherz (2095) - Passo Campolongo (1875) - crossing road - Grep de Mont (1959) - descent to the valley of the resort of Corvara.
  • Lagazuoi route starts from Passo Falzarego Pass (2105 m.), Which can be reached by skibass from San Cassino. The descent of the same name on this route is the longest in the resort: 7.2 km.
  • Interesting routes include Santa Croce (S. Croce) from Pedraces, Stella Alpina Valley from Colfssco; Super 8 Ski Tour;
  • The most famous circumnavigation route in Alta Badia is called Sella Ronda - in translation: "patrol around the saddle." Download the route map in PDF.

A rock massif with steep walls up to 800 m high looks like a saddle. It is “patrolled” by slopes connected by lifts on four main passes: Passo Gardena (2137), Passo Campolongo (1875), Passo Pordoi (2239) and Passo Sella (2244). In total, the length of the circular route is 40 km, an ordinary skier overcomes this distance in 5-6 hours. Sella Ronda Skimarafon races are organized here, athletes manage to run around the array in 3.5-4 hours.

An interesting feature is that clockwise and backward movements are two different tracks. One is marked in orange, the other in green, so it is impossible to get lost. But there is a danger not to calculate the time and be late for the last lift, then you will have to return home by taxi (70-100 €), which run around the array.

Changing landscapes - one better than the other - the main charm of the routes of Sella Ronda. Their disadvantage is the abundance of gentle sloping uninteresting slopes that do not allow to gain good speed.

Black tracks

  • The Gran Risa championship track descends from Piz la Ila to the village of La Villa, where competitions for the World Cup are held.
  • Another descent - Vallon - leads to Corvara, has a length of 4.3 km with a vertical drop of about 900 meters.

Prices for ski passes and lifts

In total, the resort is serviced by 53 lifts with a capacity of about 85 thousand people per hour. In high season, lines are accumulated on the Sella Ronda routes near the ski lifts.

In the Dolomites-Superski region, you can purchase 2 types of ski passes:

  • Ski Pass Dolomiti Superski Opens Traveling All Over The Region and use the tracks of 12 resorts with a total length of 1200 km. It is necessary for those who want to run along the Sella Ronda route, who have arrived for a long time and have a solid experience in skiing. The cost of a one-day adult subscription is 57 € for the high season and 51 € for the rest of the time.
  • The Alta Badia ski pass is valid in the ski area of ​​the resort, which unites 5 villages. The cost of a one-day adult subscription is 52 € in high season and 47 € for the rest of the time.

Up-to-date information about the cost of ski passes for 2017 can be obtained on the official website In the village of Corvara, season tickets are purchased on the Boe cableway at: Strada Burjé, 39033 Corvara In Badia BZ.

Hotels - Where to Stay

When choosing housing - and it is expensive in the resort of Corvara - you need to decide on priorities. Interested in comfortable skiing - choose a hotel near the ski lift, where you can pick up quite budget apartments, only you need to book them in advance. In the center are luxury hotels with a bustling evening life.

5 stars


The 5-star Sassongher Hotel is located near the village center. It offers free parking and a shuttle service to the ski lifts of the resort. There is a spa, solarium. It is possible to order half board with a varied menu.

4 stars


Hotel Greif lies in the heart of the resort and offers rooms decorated in light wood in a mountain hut style. Has a sauna, pool, restaurant with local cuisine. Located near the shuttle stop, delivering to the lifts.

Col alto

The Col Alto Hotel rises at the foot of the mountain. Having rolled on the slopes, you can go directly to the place of residence. There is a beautiful wellness center with beauty salon and pool. The ski lifts are a short walk away.

3 stars


The 3-star Hotel Italia is conveniently located in a lively resort location within walking distance of the ski lift. Friendly hosts surround customers with attention and care. There is free internet and a spa. A buffet is organized in the mornings, and dinner in the restaurant in the evening.


Very popular with tourists is the Hotel Planac, located on the Pralongia ski lift. There is parking, the ability to use the bathroom.

Apartments and B&B

Residence salvan

Residence Salvan Apartments are located in the center of the village near the bus stop that leads to the ski lift. Alpine-style rooms, a restaurant with local cuisine, a room for ski equipment are at guests' disposal.

Nei Y Suredl NeveSole

Cozy guest house Nei Y Suredl NeveSole has a great location for those who are determined to ride in the first place. Located 10 meters from the ski lift, the descent from the slope ends right at the entrance. Finnish and Turkish bath, underground garage, ski storage, well-equipped kitchen - ideal for a skier.


Food in the Alta Badia region bears the imprint of Tyrolean flavor: turtres cakes, bales da ciocie dumplings, panicia soup with barley grains, fresh cheeses and meat delicacies turn ordinary food into a feast of the stomach.

Pizzeria Fornella

Fornella pizzeria is a place so popular that it is not always possible to have dinner in it because of the queues for free tables. It is famous for the most delicious pizzas. Address: Strada Rutort 1, 39033 Corvara in Badia.

Restaurant Adler

Despite the fact that the Adler grill restaurant is located in the basement, you need to book tables in advance: the food is delicious, the portions are huge, the local home-made wine is excellent. This is the second attraction among the gourmets of the village. Address: Strada Col Alt 24, 39033 Corvara in Badia.

Restaurant Taverna

The Taverna restaurant, which operates at the Zirm-Post Hotel, offers ordinary European food, but is famous for its entertainment programs and a real après ski atmosphere. Address: Col Alt, 95 - I 39033 Corvara in Badia.

The aftertaste of the winter holidays spent in the Dolomites is positive for the rest of the year.

Feedback on holidays in the ski resort of Corvara in Badia can be left in the comments.

Watch the video: Alta Badia Ski (April 2020).


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