How to get to the port of Savona

Savona is considered the home port of Costa Crociere, the creator of a massive cruise product in Europe and the Mediterranean. I’ll tell you how and from where you can get to the port of Savona.

Port of savona

Savona Cruise Port

Savona is a cozy town in Liguria, forty kilometers from Genoa. The port of Savona in the region is considered the second largest. This is the "home" port of the giant Costa Crociere shipping company offering budget Mediterranean cruises. Handsome liners depart daily from its berths.

From the historical center to the cruise terminal Savona Palacrociere, which is located in a new spacious three-story complex - 20 minutes on foot. Unfortunately, there is no international airport in the small Savona. To go on a sea voyage, you have to fly to Genoa or Milan. Genoa is only 50 kilometers away from Savona, but it is better to choose the more remote Milan (170 kilometers) - there are much more flights arriving there.

How to get to the Savona Cruise Port from Milan Airports

Airport → Milan

You arrived at one of the airports in Milan: Malpensa, Linato, Bergamo. Now you need to get to the Milan Central Station.

How to get from Malpensa Airport to Milan, I wrote here.

How to get from Bergamo airport to Milan, sorted out here.

How to get from Linate Airport to Milan, read here.

Milan → Savona

The platform, which is suitable for buses from all airports, is located near the large luxurious station of Milano Centrale. Upon arrival there, take the direct train Milan - Savona (be sure to validate the ticket on the machine). You will spend 2-3 hours on the way; The price of the trip will be from 13 to 25 € (depending on the class). There is a convenient opportunity to order a ticket on the Trenitalia website, and if ordered in advance, it is better for 2-4 months, then you can buy tickets without the right to return for only 9 €. You can get to Genoa, then a commuter train from Principe Station to Savona (3 hours).

Savona Train Station → Cruise Terminal

From the Savonsky station it will be easy to get to the port:

• on foot you will reach in just half an hour;
• a taxi will take you quickly, but for 15 €;
• there is also a Costa shuttle - a trip on board will cost 5 €.

Costa Crociere organizes transfers (I will write below): such a move allows travelers to significantly save money. You can choose a comfortable expensive option - take a taxi in Milan to the port of Savona. It will cost about 300 €, but you will absolutely not have any road worries.

If you did not order a direct transfer with a cruise company, it is better to arrive in Milan in advance - the day before your cruise. Traveling with transfers will take a lot of time.

Attention! At the end of the cruise, all that was recommended above must be performed in the reverse order, i.e. Travel from Savona Cruise Terminal to Milan Airport. It’s better to buy train tickets in advance through the Trenitalia portal: there are many who wish, sometimes people travel standing up, and by prior reservation you will have guaranteed seats.

If you have enough time left, take a walk around Savona: the town is compact, there are few architectural masterpieces, but the cozy historical center and the cuisine of Liguria deserve attention. The core of the Old Town is Piazza del Brandale.

To take a light walk, hand over your things to the camera at the station: the service costs 5 € per baggage item.

Savona Cruise Terminal

How to get to the Savona Cruise Port from Genoa Airport

Arriving at the airport of Genoa, you can order a taxi to the cruise terminal of Savona, but this is the most expensive option for the trip. You can book a transfer on the kiwitaxi website.

The budget solution is the Volabus bus. From Genoa Airport Christopher Columbus to the Central Station (Stazione di Genova Piazza Principe), the Principe Train Stations stop, you will get in half an hour and for 6 €. Buses run from 6 to 24:00 with an interval of 1 hour ...

Then continue on your train. Commuter trains from Genoa to Savona depart with a frequency of 20 minutes. The road will take 30-60 minutes. Ticket price - 4.1 €.

In Savona, you will walk to the cruise terminal (it is better to take a taxi with your luggage or take the Costa shuttle).

Transfer from Costa to Savona Cruise Terminal

The cruise giant, Costa Crociere, delivers its guests to the port of Savona. You need to order the service when you purchase a cruise or 14 days before its start. You can order a return transfer on a ship. Direct transfer is an expensive option, but very convenient. The company organizes paid transfers from Malpensa airport and from the central railway station to Milan - Stazione di Milano Centrale (if you arrive at Linate or Bergamo airport, then you will need to get to the central station first and get a transfer from there); from the railway station in Genoa (Stazione di Genova Piazza Principe); from Nice Airport to the terminal in Savona and back.

The fare from Malpensa Airport is 27 €. Drive about 3 hours. If you arrive at Malpensa Airport in the evening the day before the cruise, then my advice is to spend the night at a hotel near the airport, and order a transfer in the morning. This way you save on expensive Milan hotels and transport tickets.

Costa Crociere ships in the port of Savona

Port parking

The Savona Cruise Terminal has an open and secure car park at your service. Place on it must be reserved in advance. See all the details on the website. You will give the keys to the employee of the company, he will take care of the car. On the day of arrival, they will return it to you at the port. This year, the car parking service costs 12 € per day, the price includes insurance.

Watch the video: Savona - Arrival with Costa Victoria (April 2020).


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