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Shopping in Rome: geography for shopaholics

You can find fashion shops on almost every street in Rome, where both exclusive branded items and clothes of more democratic brands are presented, as well as various souvenirs, jewelry, accessories. Blogoitaliano already wrote about what to bring from Rome to please ourselves and loved ones, today we will go further and tell WHERE better go shopping so shopping in rome did not bring disappointment.

In this article, we will talk about the main shopping streets in Rome, but we also recommend our other articles on shopping in the Italian capital:

When planning a trip to Rome, install on your phone and our mobile city guide. It works even without the Internet, and all the main attractions and major stores are already mapped.

With a working GPS and no mobile traffic, you will always know about the most interesting places nearby, their mode of operation, tickets and much more. You can read more about the application in this article. And we go directly to the main shopping streets of Rome.

5. Via Cola di Rienzo

Via Cola di Rienzo is a great place to shop. There are a great variety of shoe stores, a variety of bags and accessories, jewelry stores, several boutiques with youth clothes. There is also a large shopping mall Coin, where there is everything you like - shops of men's and women's clothing of famous brands such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, clothes for children and teenagers, excellent leather products, luxury perfumes and cosmetics.

On Roman streets you can order your own portrait

Via del Renzo stretches from Piazza Popolo to the Vatican, the nearest metro station is Ottaviano (by the way, under this article there is a link to the Roman metro map).

4. Via del Babuino - from dishes to furniture

Via del Babuino, despite its rather unpresentable name, is a street where quite expensive shops in romeselling various antiques - from dishes to furniture, as well as objects of art - both ancient and modern masters.

Via del Babuino there are several art workshops where you can purchase various paintings and sculptures, as well as order your own portrait against the backdrop of Roman sights. Several years ago, the Tiffany store, famous for its jewelry, as well as the Chanel boutique, opened on Via del Babuino.

Via del Babuino is located in the historic center of Rome: the street connects Piazza Popolo with Piazza di Spagna. You can get here by metro on line A to the Spagna or Piazza del Popolo stations.

3. Via Nazionale

Via Nazionale is one of the oldest Roman streets linking Termini Station with Piazza Venezia. In the Middle Ages, there was a street connecting the residence of the Pope with the gates of Pius, later the most luxurious houses and largest hotels were built on the street, now Via Nazionale is a popular place for shopping in Rome.

On both sides of the street there are boutiques of famous brands: Bata, Falco, Sandro Ferrone, Elena Miro, Benetton, MaxMara, Sisley, Guess. In addition, there are many shops selling excellent leather goods - bags, wallets, belts, as well as high-quality shoes.

At Via Nazionale, famous brand boutiques coexist with lesser known stores

You can get to Via Nazionale by metro line A, the nearest station is Repubblica.

2. Via Condotti - Elite Shopping in Rome

Via Condotti is a paradise for elite shopping fans, it is here that the stores of the most famous fashion houses are concentrated - Armani, Hermes, Valentino, Gucci, Trussardi, Cartier, Dolce & Gabbana, Ferragamo, Battistoni.

Offices of famous fashion designers are also located on Via Condotti, and here in 1905 the first Bulgari studio was opened, a well-known company specializing in the production of jewelry, watches, leather accessories and perfumes.

Via Condotti - the center of stores of the most famous fashion houses

By the way, not so long ago a fee was charged for entering shops on Via Condotti. Today, you can go to boutiques for free, even if you are not going to buy anything, just admire the exclusive items of famous designer brands.

Via Condotti, a high-end street of shops, crosses Via del Corso and stretches to Plaça Espanya. You can get to it by metro - on line A to Spagna station - or on foot, settling in one of the hotels about which BlogoItaliano wrote in the article Hotels in the Center of Rome 3 stars: the best five.

1. Via del Corso - the most famous shopping street in Rome

The main shopping street in Rome is, of course, Via del Corso, originating from Piazza Venezia and extending to Piazza del Popolo. In the Middle Ages, Via del Corso was called Lata - Broad Street, with almost no traffic on it, since the area was often flooded.

From Via del Corso, close at hand to the Trevi Fountain

Then, at the behest of Pope Paul II, the street was cleared and equipped - horse competitions were held here. It was then - in 1467 - Via del Corso got its current name. You can get to the most fashionable street in Rome by metro, taking line A to Flaminio Station.

Via del Corso and its adjoining side streets are concentrated in shops, department stores, hotels, cafes and restaurants. Fashion boutiques and shops with inexpensive clothes are successfully combined here.

Also, a lot of useful details about shopping in Rome can be emphasized from the video below:

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